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This site is not complete nor comprehensive security advice for your specific situation.

All information contained here is subject to the terms and conditions of our contract. Please contract with us for additional suggestions, tips, ideas, and advice. 

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Here are some baseline recommendations for visitors to our web pages. 

This is not complete or comprehensive security advice for your specific situation. All information contained here is subject to the terms and conditions of our contract. Please contract with us for additional suggestions, tips, ideas, and advice.

An electronic security system is likely to increase your security and the security of your property. Any system can be compromised, bypassed, or avoided. A system may not prevent any loss: you may still have a burglary, robbery, fire, holdup, medical condition, or other problem.

For all clients and potential clients:

  • If you are considering having a system installed for the first time, we recommend a needs analysis. What are your specific circumstances? What concerns do you have?
  • If you are considering updating or adding to your system, we also recommend a needs analysis.
  • And if it has been some time since your system was installed, we also recommend a needs analysis. How has your property and your use of the property changed since your system was installed? Let's discuss this.
  • We recommend using high-quality equipment.
  • We recommend considering the best solutions for your security needs regardless of cost. You may need to make compromises in order to afford a system; be aware that that may result in compromises to your security.
  • Being able to add to your security system later may also be an important factor in designing your system and in choosing equipment.
  • We recommend that equipment be located in different locations. We recommend separating the location of the control panel or Central Procesing Unit (CPU), touchpad, siren, and communication connections whenever it is practical to do so.
  • We recommend having multiple locations to turn the alarm on and off. In addition to key fobs, which are mobile, there should be touchpads located in fixed (non-moving) locations.
  • We recommend key fobs to make it easier for you to arm and disarm your security system.
  • We recommend central station monitoring of your security systems.
  • We recommend monitoring of a 24-hour daily test signal.
  • We recommend that you test all parts of your security system regularly and frequently.
  • We recommend regular and frequent inspections of your security systems.
  • We recommend more than one method of communicating with us: consider both multiple phone lines, redundant communication, back-up communication, telephone line fault notification, and more.
  • We recommend noise located through-out the property so that you will be alerted to a problem in your property.
  • We recommend a contact to detect the opening of every exterior door and window thru-out your property.
  • We recommend back-up detection. This includes motion detectors and interior contacts located through-out the house.
  • We recommend glass break detection thru-out the property.
  • We recommend panic buttons - both mobile units and fixed units - through-out your property.
  • We recommend that you consider exterior detection devices, provided your property meets certain requirements, such as limited access.
  • Are there any special circumstances that create greater risks for you?
  • Do you have special risks, such as expensive jewelry, a gun collection, or other items? Do you have other special risks? Do you have a safe?
  • We recommend sprinkler systems in all properties. See your sprinkler company for recommendations and details.
  • We recommend fire extinguishers. See your fire extinguisher expert for details and recommendations.
  • We recommend high quality locks: see your locksmith for his recommendations and details about what to buy.
  • We recommend high quality insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance agent for his recommendations.

i-SEE Integrated Security Electronic Enterprises a division of Girsh Alarm touchpad

For our residential clients and potential clients:

  • We recommend at least one smoke detector in every room of the house that is conditioned space as there is a limited range for each detector. The exact number may vary depending on the size and configuration of the room;
  • We recommend rate-of-rise detectors in the attic, basement, and garage;
  • We recommend carbon monoxide detectors through-out the house;
  • We recommend exterior cameras integrated with your burglar alarm and with remote monitoring so that we can watch selected portions of the exterior of your property when the alarm is activated.
  • We recommend escape ladders in every room above the first floor above ground.

For commercial, industrial, and institutional clients:

  • We recommend interior and exterior cameras in every area of your property except those locations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • We recommend that those cameras be integrated with your burglar alarm.
  • And we recommend remote monitoring that is also integrated with your burglar alarm.
  • We recommend access control thru-out your property, including both interior and exterior access.
  • We recommend smoke detectors, heat detectors, duct detectors, pull stations, horns, strobes, and more.
  • We recommend sprinkler systems and ansul systems where appropriate. Please contact your sprinkler system company for details and recommendations.
  • We recommend fences and gates to provide limited access as appropriate. Please contact your fence specialist for details and recommendations.

There is so much that we can do to provide additional security for you. There is always more that can be done. This is a partial list of some items that can be added to your existing system and that should be considered as part of a new system as well.

For some additional information on residential security systems, considering ordering and reading our book, I-SEE Better Security For Your Home.  Click on this link: or search for our book on's website.

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